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Q: Why is my LG fridge not cooling enough? Do I have to schedule an LG refrigerator repair?

A: There are so many reasons why your LG fridge is not cooling, such as improper temperature setting, insufficient ventilation, a faulty thermostat, dirty condenser coils, and so much more. When this happens, have our professionals at LG Repairs come to you and troubleshoot the problem. Rest assured that we guaranteed fast and effective service on the spot!

Q: Do I need my faulty LG cooking appliances repaired or replaced?

A: At LG Repairs, you can rely on our experts to provide you an honest assessment of whether a replacement or repair will best benefit you. Have peace of mind knowing that we are committed to providing you with a reliable, professional opinion by relying on the most cost-effective solution possible. So, invite us today to get your assessment started and provide the best course of action you need and deserve.

Q: Why isn't my dishwasher draining? Do I need to book for an LG dishwasher repair?

A: It is typical for some water to remain at the bottom of your dishwasher unit. And this helps to keep the seals and pump from drying out, brittle, and leak. However, whenever your LG dishwasher does not drain at all, you should contact us immediately and have our experts get it troubleshot and provide the best dishwasher repairs to get it working efficiently again.

Q: When it takes too long for my LG laundry appliance to dry my clothes, do I have to hire you for the repair it needs?

A: A full load of laundry takes around 45-minutes to dry on average. Something is amiss if your dryer takes more than an hour to dry. As a first step, make sure your lint trap and the exhaust vent are free of debris. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us for the best LG dryer repair!

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