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If you need LG French door refrigerator repair, all you have to do is contact our customer service team, and we will match you with our nearest available professional LG repair technician to help you. Once the booking is confirmed, the repair technician would come to your home and do all the repairs to get your unit up and running again!

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Quality LG French Door Refrigerator Repair Near Me?

LG French Door Refrigerator Repair Near Me | LG Repairs

Before the development of refrigeration units, people had no convenient way of keeping food cold for preservation. Instead, they would have to use salting, drying, and pickling methods to keep perishable food spoiling. There were also communal ice houses with underground storages with blocks of ice inside to keep food chilled. In our modern times, we need to keep our food and drinks chilly with a refrigerator.

As technology advances, appliance manufacturers also find ways to develop more efficient and more convenient refrigerator models for customers to choose from. The French door refrigerator design is a product of this development.

What are French door refrigerators?

A French door refrigerator is a refrigeration unit with two doors that would open instead of having just one. This design allows for more light and more available space for users to be able to utilize. This design is inspired by what French architects called Porte-fenêtre, meaning window door. These units were initially available for the rich because of how expensive they were, but cheaper materials came along as time passed. Finally, it allowed appliance manufacturers to develop these French door refrigerators for the masses, including LG Electrical.

LG Electrical is a subsidiary of the South Korean multi-international conglomerate LG Corporation. The company has four business units, which include home appliance manufacturing. 

Since the beginning, LG has been one of the top refrigerator brands in the world. It is because of how the company develops affordable but technologically advanced refrigerators. Their efforts have won them different awards, solidifying their identity as one of the best brands for refrigerators.

With LG refrigerators being brilliantly engineered, it is understandable that it would be challenging to troubleshoot them whenever they encounter issues. It is why it is important to get a professional LG repair technician's help. Who better than us at LG Repairs?

Our Services

Our company has been servicing different LG refrigerators for many years now. We have always guaranteed to our clients that we would make their units running smoothly. So far, we've been keeping that promise very well.

Here are a few of the issues we've troubleshot over the years: 

  • Defective condenser unit
  • Damaged water inlet valves
  • Leaking refrigerator
  • Noise from the refrigerator
  • Foul odors coming from the freezer
  • Excessive frost
  • Broken door switches
  • Cracked door handles

So, if your LG French Door Refrigerator has been experiencing any of the issues listed above, there's no need for you to look for the best "LG French Door Refrigerator Repair Near Me." Instead, call LG Repairs as we have all the means to handle just any problems that your LG appliance may be having.

Here at LG Repairs, not only do we provide the best fixes for your LG french door refrigerator, but we forward the most precise LG Side by Side Refrigerator Repair as well. With our team of experts, rest assured that all of your faulty LG appliances, particularly the refrigerators, get handled right the first time. So book us a schedule now and let us get just any of your problematic appliances taken care of.

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